The jurisdiction of the Portuguese Embassy in Jakarta comprises, in addition to Indonesia, also the Philippines and the State of Brunei Darussalam.

All Portuguese and non-Portuguese permanent or temporary residents, including tourists, who need consular services, can email us to

Our staff can assist you through our telephone line in Portuguese, English or Indonesian, under the number +6221.31908030.

We advise citizens to book their visit beforehand, avoiding any inconvenience.

Visitors will not be allowed to enter without prior appointment.



- Divorces. The Portuguese Consular Posts are prevented from carrying out the process for divorce (Article 52 of the Consular Regulations).

- Issues related to immigration, tourism visas, residence, work and / or study, regularization of residence in Indonesia - are issues that are the exclusive and sovereign competence of the respective authorities of these countries. Please contact the Indonesian Embassy in Portugal.




Our consular section opens on:

1. Mondays, Wednesdays,  and Fridays,

2.We receive applications only between  the dates 1  to 25, every month;

3.Opening time 9.00 - 13.00.

We close on Indonesia and Portugal’s  national holidays. Please kindly ask for these dates.

Schengen Visa processing takes 5 - 15 working days.

National visas may take up to 8 weeks, approximately.

Visa schengen fee : € 60, payment will be in IDR, TBC by email.

To schedule an appointment , email to ;


We accept applications from nationals and residents from Indonesia, Brunei Darrusalam and Philippines*

*Philippines citizens may apply for schengen visa at the Embassy of Greece in Manila; we take only selected cases,  dully justified at our Consular Section Jakarta.


Basic document requirements for Visa Schengen Application;

  • Original valid passport. Passport validity not less than six months expiration from the application date

  • Coloured photograph, with white background, 3x4cm

  • For tourist visa, submit complete and detailed itinerary

  • Provide employment letter, or self sponsored letter, or student card.

  • For tourist visa sponsored by Portuguese, the invitee must fill the Term of Responsibility, authenticated by SEF officer or notary.

  • For short stay business visa, office and sponsor letter from local company (original documents) and the Portuguese company.

  • Hotel reservation confirmation from all schengen countries to be visited.

  • Booking or reservation of airplane ticket. 

  • Last three months financial statement.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Valid ID card and Kartu Keluarga (in Indonesia).

 For further description related visa application, please access following link



- As a precaution in case of theft or loss of documents, we advise the scanning of identification documents (ID and Passport), to email / electronic device that can be accessed, if necessary.

If you would like to have access to other useful information on how to manage your trip to Indonesia, please visit the website of the Portuguese Community Portal at: i / 205-id


- In the event of theft, if you run out of your money or lose any other object, first contact  the local police and insist that a statement be issued for you perusal;

- In the event of the death of a citizen, it will be the responsibility of the family or friends to establish immediate contact with the Embassy (and, as soon as possible, obtain a Certificate of Death issued by the Civil Registry);

- If you are arrested and (or) accused of a serious crime, please do insist with the local authorities that the Portuguese Embassy should be informed. You will be contacted as soon as possible by a consular officer who will inform you about the legal procedures to be followed.



Wr accept  payment  by bank transfer or deposit at the counter, preferably in Rupiah. Please pay attention to the exchange rate and fees to be paid if you transfer in another currency, so that no charges are applied to our Embassy.

Please be advised that we can only send the documents after confirming the transfer of the total amount  to our account. Sometimes bank transfers between countries take a few days.



What a consular post CANNOT do for you

Release you from prison or intervene in legal proceedings - if necessary, we suggest that you always look for a lawyer;
Investigate a crime;
Pay  a lawyer or a doctor;
Pay the hotel bills, medical, judicial expenses or any other;
To pay, in whole or in part, funerals and (or) transfer of mortal remains;
Pay for travel documents, except in very special circumstances;
Undertake any actions that must naturally be carried out by travel agencies, airlines or banks;
Obtain accommodation, work or a work-permit in your area of ​​jurisdiction.

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